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Ok, I know that the Academy of Pediatrics says no TV before age 2, but I figured a little lite viewing (usually less than 2 hours a day) of Elmo and Baby Einstein videos harmless and allows me to eat my breakfast and drink my tea in some sort of peace. Now I'm not so sure....I just read this article and it scared the bejeezus out of me.


Does anyone have an opinion/anecdote related to this? I know this can be a hot topic for some people, so please play nice, I'm not trying to start a war!  :)  I'm just looking for some input, I guess.

(BTW, as I read the article, my 14-month-old son was in the middle of Sesame Street and I turned it off. I don't think he'll be watching any more TV today, I'm a little freaked out.)

(ps I x-posted this to stayathomemoms)

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Yeah, like that's any big surprise to anyone who knows me.  Husband gets Baby up and changes his diaper in the morning before heading to work, then I take it from there.  When I put Baby down for his nap at 10:30, I noticed that a patch of paint (about 2"x2") was gnawed off the end of his crib.  We had painted it with latex paint, but it is an old crib (it was mine, and manufactured around 1973) and he had gnawed down to the wood in a couple spots.  I called poison control to be safe, but apparently lead paint stopped being used on baby items in 1970 so we're in the clear.  (Before anyone says anything, the crib was top-of-the-line when it was new, and still passes all the current safety standards.)  Couldn't he have just gnawed the (new) crib rails like a normal kid?  Now I have to get a toddler bed for him, which we've been thinking about anyway because his armpits are above the crib rail and he likes to jump, and we're afraid he is going to launch himself one of these days.  Money is a little tight at the moment to drop $100 with moving and all, but I found one on craigslist.org for $20.....I love craigslist.  I'm going to go take a look at it tomorrow.  (sigh) I think my son is part beaver, part monkey.

I would post this in the stayathomemoms community, but I'm afraid a few people would have a stroke and die.

Breast feeding does not make babies any smarter.


I already knew this, anyway.  Husband and I were both formula-fed as babies, back when formula was little more than evaporated milk and corn syrup.  The stuff that is available now is a whole lot better than what was available 30+ years ago.  Husband went on to get a doctorate from Oxford and I scored high enough on an IQ test that I was invited to join Mensa, which I did for a while.  

um, yeah...

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Sunday in church, one of Baby's little toddler friends came to church with an obvious cold, runny nose and all. Of course, I didn't realize this until Baby had been playing with her in the nursery sharing toys for a while. Why the heck do people do that? If your kid is sick and it is not absolutely vital that you expose them to other kids, KEEP THEM HOME!!!! You will not go to hell for missing church, I promise.

Monday was pretty good. It was 80 degrees and sunny so I took Baby to the park where there's a huge sand pit in the kiddie playground and he had a ball playing with his sandbox toys. There was a 9-mo-old girl that I invited to share his toys so that was fun. Baby liked her, he kept smiling at her and reaching over to stroke her hair and say "awwww". Such a little flirty boy.

Tuesday I woke up with a red, raw sore throat and all I could think was, oh please let this be allergies. Baby woke up with a VERY wet diaper and when he started jumping and bouncing in his crib it tore all around one side and spilled out all this yellow shredded gel stuff everywhere...all over his pjs, my slippers, the floor....just what I want to do, drag the vacuum upstairs and wash the floor first thing in the morning when I feel like death. I drowned my sorrows in echinacea throat coat tea all day and hoped for the best.

Wednesday (yesterday) was horrid all around. I had barely slept with a stuffy nose and sore throat and feeling feverish. Baby woke up crying with a very runny nose. Crap, here we go. So I got him up and stumbled around getting his breakfast and making myself some arsenic tea. At 10 am I was still in my pjs watching Elmo with Baby and thinking about dragging myself out of the chair to get him going on his nap, when I saw an unfamiliar man walking up the driveway. DAMMIT! I completely forgot that a moving company was coming this morning to give me an estimate.

I ran upstairs and threw on the jeans and sweatshirt from Tuesday while shouting Just a Minute with my sore throat. I apologized profusely to the guy waiting around outside. He was very nice and competent, so 20 minutes later he was done and we had a mover booked. I brought Baby upstairs to start getting him ready for his nap and was in the middle of changing him when the phone rang. My mom was crying..not good. So I just said, What happened?

My brother and his wife have been visiting Florida for the past 2 weeks. They scrimped and saved for a year to make this trip, which was basically the first vacation they have had since their honeymoon 4 years ago. They spent a week in Disney World and a few days on either end with my parents. When they first arrived at my parents' house a week ago, they surprised everyone with the news that they were 8 weeks pregnant. They had been trying for 2 years and had some of the same fertility issues that we had had, so I had been in touch with them a lot. We were so excited! I went out and got her some of the products that were my lifesavers when I was pregnant, and dug out my maternity clothes and baby books to send her a care package in few weeks after they got home.

Sadly, on Tuesday night they had a miscarriage. They were out at the mall when it started and went to the hospital. My mom was with them until they left the hospital at 5:30 a.m. Wednesday. The good(?) news is that from a physical/medical standpoint my SIL is OK, it was uncomplicated as these things go. Still, it goes without saying that they are just devastated. I wish there was something I could do or say that could help...it was my biggest fear when I was pregnant and thank God we never had to go through that. I figure I'll wait a few weeks then give her a call.

That's about it. Still feeling cruddy, hope things start looking up soon.

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Everything is going smoothly so far with the sale of our house...it passed inspection and I got a chance to meet the buyers, a couple about our age with a 4 year old daughter, a couple of cats, and an Aussie shepherd/greyhound mix. They told me how much they love the house and neighborhood, and that they plan to renovate the kitchen asap....I told them I'd love to see pictures when its done because that is something we have always wanted to do but never got around to.

We have been hoping to move south to the NC area for quite awhile, and Husband has been applying everywhere he can for several months with no luck. Last weekend his #1 choice of company posted a job that would be absolutely perfect for him and he applied online, now we just need to wait and see. That would be amazing...we could just go directly there instead of moving into a rental around here. We found a townhouse and have signed the paperwork, but we would only lose our $200 application fee (as opposed to a $1000 security deposit and a few months' rent if we break our lease in the future). Please Lord, please please please.

In other news, I need to stop watching movies and eating ice cream right before bed. I dreamed I went to a S&M party and smoked pot (never done the first, haven't done the 2nd in about 10 years). No more watching Secretary before bed. I told Husband about it when I woke up and he cracked up laughing.

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So, I have very good reasons for not posting for a month.....my son's 1st birthday party was Sat Aug 5 (his actual bday is the 7th) and we had a Sesame Street birthday for him, which was nice but I always forget how much work hosting a party is, since we are becoming old fogies who only host a party every couple of years. My mom visited for a few days during that time, thank God, and she helped decorate and set up/take down while I ran around town all morning doing the errands (getting ice, picking up balloons, picking up the cake, etc.). Also, because we are masochists, we put our house on the market the next day so my mom helped me get the house ready. I have been cleaning non-stop to keep the house pristine for showing (not easy with a toddler and a profusely shedding dog). We had an offer 2 days in, but it was a good bit lower than the asking price, so we turned it down. We had a couple more like that which we turned down, too. In all, our house was on the market 3 weeks, was shown about 40 times (I'm not exaggerating, it was crazy) and we accepted an offer on Monday for only slightly less than we asked. We close at the end of October. As soon as we accepted the offer on Monday I started checking rental listings. On Wednesday we were able to find a rental townhouse with a small, private fenced yard about 1 mile from Husband's job, in a complex with a gym, pool and playground. It is actually only about a 1/4 mile from the apartment complex we lived in before we bought our house, so we already know the area really well. They will let us move in a week before we close and pro-rate the October rent. It is, of course, a bit smaller than our house which will take some getting used to, but we know it will only be for a year or two, and in the meantime we will be able to save money and pay off most of our debt.

Incidentally, today is my 32nd birthday. We're having dinner tonight at a seafood place we love that is counter-service with zero ambiance, but has fabulous food and the best lobster I have ever had away from Cape Cod. I get my presents tonight before we go out (Husband gave me the option of when, I chose tonight so that I could actually be awake and coherent when I get them.) My grandfather's 77th birthday is Sunday, so we are taking them out to lunch tomorrow.

Monday I head 4 hours north with Baby to my sister's house, where my dad will be visiting from Florida for a few days...I haven't seen him since Christmas because he hasn't been able to get the time off to come up. Its hard knowing my son is going to be growing up without knowing his grandparents...mine were able to visit every month or so when I was a kid, even though we lived about 4 hours away. My parents lived 10 minutes from my sister's family (she has 3 kids) until a year ago, so they grew up with their grandparents, and my sister was able to get a break once in a while. There is a lot to be said for living near the grandparents...it is really hard feeling like we are completely on our own. My grandparents are too old and in too poor health to be able to help us out (they live an hour away), my folks are in Florida, sis is in northern New England, and brother is in Texas. Husband's family is all in England. Its nuts, because for the most part we all get along pretty well, but life has just taken us all to different places.

Better finish getting myself looking gorgeous while Baby is still napping!

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After a little over a week on my higher dosage of antidepressants, I woke up this morning feeling normal. Normal is relative, but good. I didn't have to scrape myself out of bed with a shovel. I cleaned up the kitchen while I waited for the kettle to boil. This is a big change for me compared with the past couple months.

After much discussion (some polite, some not so much) about what to do with the mounting debt, we decided a few days ago to sell our home and downsize to a rental townhouse/rental house. We can pay off about 3/4 of the debt with what we can make on the house, and save about $300/month on housing and maintenance. I'm not real thrilled about selling our first home, but if it is a choice between having a house and having a less-stressed husband, I think I should go with the latter. We don't want an apartment because the idea of me walking the dog 3 times a day with a baby in the dead of winter is not terribly appealing, so we need a place where we can just let her out on a leash. Unfortunately, out of about 100 rental communities in this area, there are only 5 that allow dogs, and only 1 is a townhouse community. Getting rid of the dog is definitely not an option, so we may try to find a private landlord. We'll see how it goes.

Since we hope to put the house on the market by the end of the week, Merry Maids is coming today to clean the house thoroughly from top to bottom. I am so happy about this. Having Baby made my fibromyalgia flare up pretty badly, and I have since had a lot of problems cleaning regularly due to chronic joint and muscle pain and fatigue. I could write in the dust. I hate it. A profusely shedding dog has not helped that end of things, and there are tumbleweeds everywhere, even though I sweep and vacuum several times a week. They are coming at noon, so Baby and I are head to the mall and the park for a few hours.

We really want to move to the southeast for the climate and to be closer to my parents, and Husband has been trying to find a job there with no luck for the past couple months. We tossed around the idea of moving to England (where he is from), but he would be taking a salary cut of about $30k/year US, and the cost of living is considerably more. Gas is about $6/US gallon, a townhouse rental is about $1400/month US. The idea is not entirely out of the question, but would require some major lifestyle changes that we are not sure we want to make. But, 7 of Husband's 8 brothers and sisters are in England (which is about the size of NY state), as well as my MIL who now has Alzheimers and recently went into a nursing home. Baby would have lots of cousins (12) to play with and I wouldn't feel as isolated as I do here. So its something to think about, anyway.

That's about it!

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This morning, I was very pleased with myself that I solved the Blue's Clues puzzle before the end of the show. Then I reminded myself that its geared for toddlers. Not good.

I was reading a story to Baby before his afternoon nap, when he positioned himself in such a way that I couldn't see the pages of the book. That's when I realized I know all of "Sailing off to Sleep" by heart.

As of this writing, I have recited 'this little piggy went to market' at least 10 times, sung 'the wheels on the bus' twice, and sung 'i wish i were a little bar of soap' at least 10 times. That's just today.

At least Baby is napping better...I can usually count on his taking a good 2 hour nap in the afternoon, so I can do things like check email and lurk other people's blogs. I also got all my digital pics uploaded to my laptop, I don't think I can post them though because I have a free account.

I think I need a cup of tea now.

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I think I sprained my left pinky.

I was trying to get Baby to settle down for a nap and his bottle, and pulled his pacifier out with my pinky as I held the bottle in the same hand, which I have done literally hundreds of times. He fought me and clamped down on the pacifier and turned his head quick with my pinky still wrapped around it. Now there are little shooting pains going through that side of my hand.

Owie. I wish I were a little less accident-prone.

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